• ‘Walls of Freedom’ is the book of bravery and resistance that gathers the art of graffiti that transformed the walls of Egypt into a visual testimony.

  • The actor met with Bone Magazine long before Birdman’s triumphant journey, during last Venice Film Festival, to talk about pheasants, shopping malls and the importance of not taking oneself seriously.

  • A new book from Dutch creative site Fontanel features the showcase of the newly graduated young talents. It is a highly dynamic and stimulating book which also includes the insights and stories of famous designers.

  • Gareth Pugh as one of the youngest designers in the fashion industry is celebrating his 10th year at London Fashion Week in collaboration with Melissa.

  • German acclaimed photographer Karen Knorr has mesmerising new serie, inspired by her life-changing travel to Rajasthan since 2008.

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